Robobai launches new SAP Data Extractor capability

Robobai launches new SAP Data Extractor capability

The first step in setting up an enhanced and enriched Spend Analytics platform starts with the extraction of the existing ERP data.

This process however can be challenging, time consuming and puts a heavy burden on client resources. Implementation can often be delayed while the Client’s Procurement and IT functions work together to extract, compile and arrange the data.

Robobai is committed to a quick and frictionless implementation for our customers and so has released its SAP Extractor capability – slashing the time and effort required to get up and running fast.

Robobai has created its extractor capability with code developed by SAP Gold Partner SoftwareOne. Robobai also adheres to Microsoft Gold Partner accreditation standards.

Microsoft Gold Partner

Key Customer Benefits

  • Minimises or completely removes client-side development work as Robobai provides a full set of SAP installable native routines.
  • Supports easy technical stakeholder evaluation with the provision of technical specifications and installation instructions.
  • Captures efficiently the required set of ERP system data including GL master data, Vendor master data, Material master data, PO line items and Vendor Invoice line transaction items.
  • Development of the Code completed by SAP Gold Partner, SoftwareOne.
  • Compatible with SAP version 6 and above.

How the SAP Data Extraction Works

How the SAP Data Extraction Works

  • Routes are provided as source code, which are installed/compiled on the client-side environment and are delivered via an SFTP or file gateway.
  • Technical and install documents are included to enable IT/SAP support teams to effectively evaluate the modules.
  • Routines will work “out of the box” and can also be customized where required to address specific client environment customization or other automation.
  • When installed, the routines are easily accessible as SAP “Reports” with data selection screens that can be used to define the selection criteria and to produce the file outputs.
  • Each routine can be run independently and produces a flat file output aligned to the Robobai Spend Template and data requirements.
  • The routines are aligned with SAP version 6 and above.

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