Optimise the B2B payment experience across your supply chain

Optimise the B2B payment experience across your supply chain


Optimizing the payment experience for sellers is paramount for fostering efficient, secure, and mutually beneficial relationships with buyers

Streamlining the B2B payment process ultimately offers faster payments which provides multiple valuable advantages, including potentially influencing delivery preferences.

Faster payments mean suppliers receive their funds sooner, which can help them manage their cash flow more effectively. This can lead to better relationships with suppliers and potentially better service.

Suppliers may prioritize the fulfillment of orders from buyers who offer faster payments because it ensures prompt compensation for their products or services. This can result in quicker order processing and delivery times for the buyer.

It can also potentially influence the power of negotiation. If a buyer consistently offers faster payments, they may have more negotiating power with suppliers. This could lead to better terms, discounts, or other benefits that can further enhance the buyer's position in the market.

There is also the potential that suppliers may allocate limited resources, such as high-demand products or scarce inventory, to buyers who provide faster payments. This ensures that their most valuable clients are satisfied and can help buyers secure critical supplies ahead of competitors.

By offering faster payments, buyers demonstrate reliability and commitment to their suppliers. This can foster loyalty among suppliers, encouraging them to prioritize the buyer's needs and potentially offer preferential treatment in terms of delivery schedules or product availability.

Faster payments can create a win-win situation for both buyers and suppliers, leading to smoother transactions, improved relationships, and potential competitive advantages in terms of delivery preferences and service.

Companies like RobobAI work with organizations to help them quickly and easily identify which of their suppliers accept card. By transferring payments to card for these suppliers they can improve payment terms for small businesses, provide discount negotiation opportunities and improve liquidity. Virtual cards can also enhance security, reduce fraud risk, and streamline payment processing for both parties.

This, in turn, not only lowers operational costs it also creates employee uplift. For teams that are unable to activate these opportunities, RobobAI Consulting Services can establish this process, negotiate with suppliers and train their teams to deliver tangible results.


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