Saving Money While Fighting Slavery

Saving Money While Fighting Slavery

AI utilisation can help build an efficient and ethical supply chain

Gone are the days when cost is the main basis of purchase. Today’s consumers are more discerning and ethically conscious about the products and businesses they support.

With today’s technology, it is expected that companies are aware of how their products’ components are built, and more importantly, they are expected to have ethical sources. If your business is caught supporting slavery, you will have a massive PR problem that can cause a dip in your revenue. In fact, in a recent UK brand reputation study, 1 in 3 companies reported that negative social media content had damaged their business.

To prevent unethical sourcing of your supplies and still find a way to have minimised cost, acquire the service of Robobai. Robobai is the leading AI-powered spend analysis solution on the market and has been entrusted with over $64 billion of corporate spend data to date.

With Robobai’s AI solutions, your company will experience:

Monetary Savings

By gathering and analysing data from various data feeds such as PO, GL, Invoice, Supply Master Credit Card and the like, the AI program will be able to give you an accurate visualisation and understanding of your company’s spend data within 2-4 weeks. With this rich data insight, your company’s vital decision-makers will be able to identify supply chain savings opportunities and make informed decisions that will minimise the company’s spending.

Ethical Sourcing

Beyond the monetary savings, Robobai can help you avoid unethical suppliers who are practising modern slavery. Using smart AI-powered classification and connected procurement analytics, the Robobai Anti Slavery module can make sense of inconsistent and fragmented information.

Through supply chain mapping and by connecting customer data with credible global procurement analytics data sources, Robobai’s module will give you a visualised risks by category and supplier assessment as well as insights into the key risk drivers.

This insightful perspective uses refreshable, easy-to-use dashboards, showing slavery risk throughout the entire supply chain.

Use modern solutions for today’s modern slavery problem. Utilise Robobai today to save money while building your company’s ethical legacy. To learn more about Robobai, click here.

Transform your business with a 360-degree view of supplier risk, compliance, spend and contracts.

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